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The Number 1 SMD Pick & Place Machines Manufacturer in the World for JUKI

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The Productronica Show 2007 – a further successful step in the direction of being the Number 1 SMD pick&place machines manufacturer in the world for JUKI.

With 1,484 exhibitors from 35 countries and 40,000 visitors, almost half from abroad, the Productronica Show has proved again that it is one of the leading electronics production trade shows in the world.

As the absolute highlight of the show, JUKI presented FX-3 to the European visitors for the first time. This is a High Speed Modular Mounter with an IPC pick and place capacity of 60,000 components per hour. However, there was also great enthusiasm for the new KE-2060light High Speed Flexible Mounter, the second innovation presented by JUKI at the Productronica show.

As well as the two innovations, the existing KE-2070, KE-2080, FX-1R and KE-2060R models were also exhibited.

With the FX-3, JUKI can now provide lines with more than 200,000 surface mountings per hour which helps to generate new, attractive solutions in the “Super High Speed” segment. With its unique price/performance ratio, the FX-3 mainly offers European customers the possibility of being able to keep their production in Europe and not to have to relocate to China.

As another great show highlight, JUKI received the Global SMT Award for the FX-3 "product of the year 2007" and the recognition that currently JUKI is the fastest growing company in the SMT Pick & Place segment worldwide. The award is granted annually by an independent committee.

The KE-2060light is available at the unbeatable price of EUR 88,000.00 and makes it possible for companies with a limited budget to enter the midrange mounting area. On the one hand, the machine shows high reliability and on the other hand it is also completely compatible with all other JUKI models. If required, the KE-2060light can be expanded to the FX-3 using modules so that the customer can grow with JUKI in the future.

Taking the number and quality of the visitors to the stand as a measure, the Productronica 2007 can be assessed as the most successful exhibition of JUKI in Europe to date; many transactions with a total value in seven figures could be agreed at the show. The agreed projects include both existing machines as well as the new ones presented by JUKI.

Under the slogan “Relax – the line is running”, the guests of JUKI were invited into the specially setup lounge to relax with a delicious espresso.
Annual customer satisfaction surveys and top references from the market prove that JUKI has an excellent reputation as regards reliability in the mounting sector. JUKI is on the right path with its “Lowest Cost of Ownership” strategy which it has been pursuing for a long time. A path which provides JUKI and its customers with a “win – win” situation and thus ensures a long-term partnership. With a new customers share of more than 40%, JUKI is clearly the strongest growing SMD machine manufacturer in Europe.

Based on the great success in the past, i.e. doubling the sales and profits in the last three years alone, the JUKI Corporation has set the clear objective of becoming the world wide market leader in the SMD mounting machines area by 2010. This ambitious objective is emphasised with large investments in the development, however it should also be achieved with opening new markets and the acquisition of new customers.

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