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Strack Norma Focuses on Customer Service

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Dieter Umhang is now coordinating internal distribution for Strack Norma GmbH & Co. KG, the specialist manufacturer of standard parts for injection moulding and die-casting tools and punching and forming tools. In taking responsibility for the company’s sales service, Umhang aims to “get closer to the client” while upgrading further the level of customer service at Strack Norma.

Umhang holds a degree in business economics. The 49-year-old native of East Westphalia has long experience in the field of machine construction but now takes a strong interest in marketing, for which he will be partly responsible at Strack Norma.

“If the client expects a quick answer from us, then he has to get a quick answer,” says the salesman. Umhang explains that it is important for him to preserve and develop the reputation of Strack Norma as a responsible partner in the trade sector.

For more than 80 years, the company has produced standard parts for production—initially for punching and forming, but for moulding tools also since 1959. Strack Norma today offers a very large product range throughout the world. Through subsidiary companies and representatives in Germany and abroad, the company manages a distribution network for sales and technical support that enables customers everywhere to take advantage of short-term delivery of any Strack Norma product.

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