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SpaceMaster Series 1 Compact Coil Line

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Process up to 24" Coil Widths, .125" Thicknesses with this Single Space-Saving Unit

Coe Press Equipment’s SpaceMaster Series 1 Compact Coil Line Series, the smallest of three size ranges of space-saving, multi-functioning coil lines combining the three functions of unwinding, straightening and feeding of coil stock…all on a single unit. Different model and size configurations are available.

For your smaller capacity coil feeding needs, our SpaceMaster Series 1 comes in four model sizes to process maximum coil widths of 12", 16", 20" or 24". As standard, Series 1 models can process coil thicknesses to .125", coil O.D.’s to 60", and handle a maximum coil weight of 4,500 pounds.

A drastic floor space reduction on the stamping room floor is its key benefit, but without compromise in processing speed, reliability and overall performance. The system is mounted on a common machine base, helping to maximize rigidity during the feeding process. It includes a combination straightener/feeder unit and eliminates the need for an excessive slack loop area or loop pit. The overall footprint of a SpaceMaster model can be 12′-15′ – compared to the required length for a similar conventional line that can measure over 25′.

The SpaceMaster Series has been designed and built for precision coil stock feeding to all types of stamping presses. Competitively priced for as much as a 20% savings to conventional coil handling/feeding systems.

The SpaceMaster is offered in three size ranges:
Series 2 (coil widths from 12" to 52", thicknesses to .187", O.D.’s to 60", and coil weights to 11,000 lbs.)
Series 3 (coil widths from 18" to 64", thicknesses to .250", O.D.’s to 64", and coil weights to 20,000 lbs – model dependent)
Coe Press Equipment products are backed by our comprehensive "3-2-1" Warranty.

The equipment has a three year limited coverage on all major components manufactured by Coe Press Equipment; two year limited coverage on all mechanical components originally installed by Coe Press Equipment; and one year full coverage on the complete system.

About The Company
Coe Press Equipment Corporation, with headquarters in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is a leading producer of pressroom feed equipment including servo roll feeds, power straighteners, coil reels and cradles, and complete coil processing systems. They also design and engineer fully-integrated coil processing systems for metal stamping and processing operations.

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