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SolidCAM2008 Training in Frankfurt

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-09-03 Comments Off on SolidCAM2008 Training in Frankfurt

More than 40 SolidCAM support specialists from Europe and Asia gathered at the Frankfurt Airport recently for a train-the-trainer seminar about the new version of the company’s advanced manufacturing software, SolidCAM2008 R12. This powerful release provides a complete manufacturing solution with enhanced user-friendliness, integration, and automation features and many more CAM operations.

The training encompassed numerous topics, including the new user interface and templates, extended tool tables and tool libraries, new 2.5D milling operations, enhanced automatic feature recognition and machining, new combined strategies for high-speed machining, and suboperations for 5-axis simultaneous machining, such as swarf milling and impeller machining. In addition, the seminar covered Solidverify support in machine simulation and machine simulation and associativity for mill-turn operations.

Owing to the implementation of important customer requests, SolidCAM explains, the shipment of SolidCAM2008 R12 has had to be delayed. Initial customer shipments are now expected to go out in early June.

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