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SolidCAM, SolidWorks Flourish in Norway

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SolidCAM has enlarged its presence in Scandinavia by establishing new resale arrangements in Norway and Sweden. In Norway, the CAD/CAM software developer is now served by ProNor, a SolidWorks reseller situated in Oslo.

“We watched SolidCAM for a long time, and finally decided in 2007 to offer SolidCAM to our SolidWorks customers as an integrated CAM solution,” says Jan-Erik Iversen, managing director of ProNor.

“Norway has a powerful manufacturing industry, especially for shipbuilding and offshore construction, which demands extremely short lead times for the manufacturing of parts,” Iversen continues. “Here, the single-window integration and the full associativity of CAD and CAM is a key factor for converting the SolidWorks files into real parts as fast as possible.”

Another area of ProNor activity is in its partnership with RENATE, the national centre in Norway founded by the Ministry of Education and Research, whose mission to strengthen education in mathematics, natural sciences, and technology. A challenge for RENATE is to increase interest among university students in the engineering profession. This is because, in recent years, some students have abandoned courses of study toward bachelor of science degrees in engineering because they found the curriculum insufficiently challenging.

RENATE’s Technology and Design programme seeks to attract students to engineering careers by allowing them to use modern CAD tools to explore engineering creativity at an early age. After evaluating several CAD packages, the centre chose to purchase as many as 30,000 licenses of SolidWorks because the software’s short learning curve would enable Norwegian high school students to understand product design principles and begin to develop their 3D skills quickly. In addition, RENATE chose SolidWorks because it is the preferred design tool in many manufacturing facilities in Norway and throughout the Nordic region.

Some of those thousands of SolidWorks seats will be complemented by SolidCAM. ProNor has already shipped the first SolidCAM seats to schools in Sarpsborg and Bjørkelangen.

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