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SimpoeWorks Achieves Gold Partner Status

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The French software developer Simpoe SAS, which specializes in plastic injection moulding simulation solutions, has announced that SimpoeWorks®, the plug-in version of its flagship product Simpoe-mold® for SolidWorks® 3D CAD software, has been granted the status of SolidWorks Gold Partner product.

With SimpoeWorks, plastic-part designers who are SolidWorks users can optimize their product designs. The integration of SolidWorks and SimpoeWorks enables them to design the part, simulate its manufacture, identify potential problems, modify the part as necessary, and directly assess the impact of the modification—all without leaving the SolidWorks graphic environment.

Says Alain Dubois, Simpoe’s president and CEO, “This new Gold Partner certification represents a major achievement for our company, and a major milestone in the implementation of our strategy to democratize plastic injection simulation. With SimpoeWorks, we now offer the SolidWorks community the first fully integrated and really complete plastic injection simulation solution.”

“Integration between key product design applications can shave previous time off the development process, helping engineers be more innovative and efficient,” offers SolidWorks director of marketing and alliances Efrat Ravid. “Giving our customers the ability to simulate the complete manufacturing process of plastic injected parts within the SolidWorks environment helps them become more productive, and helps their company design better products.”

The SimpoeWorks software suite includes four plug-in modules for SolidWorks. SimpoeWorks Fill is the base module, which simulates complete part filling. It includes powerful pre- and postprocessing technology and a customizable database of more than 5,000 plastic materials.

Other component elements of SimpoeWorks are SimpoeWorks Pack for packing simulation, SimpoeWorks Cool for complete thermal exchange regulation, and SimpoeWorks Warp, which simulates part deformation due to warpage and material shrinkage.

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