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Show demonstrates micro-manufacturing

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At MM Live, which took place in Cheshire, UK, on 14 August 2008, product designers and manufacturers were able to see a variety of micro-manufacturing machines and technologies under one roof.

The machines were seen in action producing precision micro-components Users of plastics parts found micro-injection moulding services, moulding machinery, and tooling expertise.

Machines on show included a Babyplast injection moulding machine, exhibited by AK Industries, which will be producing miniature components with intricate surface detail in plastics.

Rondol Technology demonstrated the all-electric energy-efficient High Force 5 bench -top micro-moulding machine.

Micro Systems (UK) gave a live demonstration of a two-cavity micro-mould with auto-degating, which was seen running on a Battenfeld Microsystem 50 machine.

Companies sourcing small to micro metal parts found precision machining, milling, laser cutting, laser welding, EDM and photo etching options on display.

Headline sponsor Deckel Grinders, the UK agent for the Kern range of micro- machining centres, exhibited a micro-milling and drilling machine, together with sample parts from a wide range of industries including aerospace, medical and optical.

SmalTec, also a headline sponsor for the show, gave a live demonstration of the free- form multi-axis contouring capabilities of its 3+ axis platforms.

The GM703 platform demonstrated the multi-axial precision movement, focusing on the resulting surface quality of nano-grinding with PCD.

Meanwhile, the EM203 platform demonstrated the in-situ feedback and logic-control capabilities of the SmalTec Micro-EDM system.

Spinner UK introduced two new machines from its Realmeca range: the RM3-7-xis mill-turn centre for the complete machining of components in one operation from bar materials and the L200 Laser Centre for ultra-fine cutting and welding in a single- operation machine unit.

Swisstec micro-machining operated the T15 modular micro-machining system, which enabled visitors to experience first-hand its precision, speed, and finish of the cut surface.

Rofin-Baasel UK presented the StarWeld Select, with 100W laser power and full CNC capability in a fully integrated laser welding system.

For manufacturers concerned about parts handling and QA issues, MM Live offered a broad range of viewing and metrology equipment specially designed for the micro-manufacturing community.

Imaging Associates showed the latest technologies from Carl Zeiss, including the recently introduced SteREO Discovery.v20 stereomicroscope and the CSM 700 ‘True Colour’ confocal microscope.

Nikon showcased a selection of its innovative and versatile metrology and imaging products, including the iNexiv VMA-2520 multisensor video measuring system.

Vision Engineering and Optimax Imaging and Measurement demonstrated an impressive range of video and optical systems, designed to make the inspection and measurement of micro-machined components easier.

Meanwhile, the Olympus LEXT confocal scanning microscope was shown, which provides high-resolution 3D observation and measurement in real time.

A number of exhibitors who offer micro-manufacturing contract services were also present.

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