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Second auction date set for MIR

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Sale expected this time for defunct Italian machine maker.

30 November 2007 – MIR, the Brescia, Italy-based injection moulding machine maker, goes under the hammer on 22 January 2008. The company ceased production around the end of 2005. Numerous attempts to find a new owner culminated this October in an auction with no bidders.

At least two companies, machine distributor HT Italy and processor Prima, had earlier shown interest in the company, but were apparently put off by the large debt burden they would have had to assume. When the company was then put up for auction, the debt was detached, but there was a minimum asking price of €14m. There were no takers.

This time around, the judge in charge of the auction, Gianni Sabbadini, has set the minimum at €9.5m. Potential buyers would be expected to take on MIR’s remaining 56 employees, currently on state benefit.

According to local reports, one company has already submitted a bid. That company is understood to be HT Italy, which sells Chinese Haitian machines in Italy, and is largely staffed by ex-MIR personnel. HT Italy owner Pietro Nicolazzi was not available for comment.

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