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SAS Automation – Introduces New Rail Degater

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SAS introduces a compact, modular degating system for fan gates that will greatly enable companies to reduce their finishing labor costs, and more importantly, provide consistent clean cuts for fan gates. Mounted on a rigid frame, this degating unit can be designed to trim either straight or curved fan gates. Radiuses as small as one inch (25.4 mm) can be achieved for curved fan gates.

If and when necessary, the cutting blade can be heated using solid state controls thus requiring less force to make the cut. The cutter blade driving mechanism can be selected from either a pneumatic cylinder or belt driven from a motor drive. In addition to a floor mount, this degating unit can also be easily mounted to a gantry robot beam for more complex degating.

According to SAS Automation, General Manager, Richard Petz, "The SAS Rail Degater incorporates innovative modular systems that provide precision cutting for either straight or curved fan gates. Processors will appreciate reducing finishing costs, and the user friendliness of this degater. Increasing speed to market with better cutting — is a driving force behind the many degaters designed by SAS. We are proud to present such a labor efficient degater."

About >SAS< Automation

>SAS< is a leading supplier of modular EOAT components & robotic gripper systems – capable of servicing any part and any robot. >SAS< manufactures "get a grip!", and distributes "nip it!" Nile sprue nipper line, and "GRIP IT!" Asian chucking/gripper line. >SAS< is ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certified. Specialists in robotic end-of-arm tooling & gripper systems, sprue nippers, CNC degating & Insert mold tooling for manufacturing, packaging & plastics industries. Sales, service and support to: USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe.

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