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QuoteCam software calculates cost of manufacture

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The QuoteCam engineering software program allows a business owner to see what the real cost of manufacture is and therefore to know precisely how much profit will be generated.

All the data entered refers to the cost of doing business such as machine rates, labour rates, materials purchases and so on QuoteCam offers a Work Centre Rates calculator that takes all aspects of machine tool costs into account such as finance charges, running costs, future value and maintenance charges.

QuoteCam is the first engineering software of its kind to allow small business to easily see how much impact the companies’ overheads have on the expected profit from any particular job.

It has a sophisticated but very easy to use Overhead Burden rate calculator that correlates the overhead costs down to a simple hourly rate which is automatically included in the cost when quoting.

QuoteCam offers a large range of machine process simulators for milling, turning and so on, which accurately predict exactly how long the machining will take.

It does this with the help of a large library of built-in material types complete with feed and speed information.

The user simply answers a few basic questions and gets realistic answers in no time.

QuoteCam has a sales price analyser in the form of a simple graph.

The graph visually displays the cost of each component in a batch and displays the cost per par and per batch it also calculates your selling price based on your expected profit margin or mark-up.

It also allows you to perform ‘what if’ scenarios for example it will instantly recalculate the entire batch costs if you change the batch size, so if you are asked to quote for 100 pieces but are then offered an order for only 50 pieces, QuoteCam will give you a new selling price instantly that will preserve your initial margin requirements.

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