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Prototype mould maker

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Prototype is an essential element in new product developing. It is a low cost mould only used when the product is still being fine-tuned. Customer might choose to build a prototype mould before making the production mould is due to the complexity of the concept, something that might require a lot of attention and modifications to details in order to achieve the ideal part design. Prototype mould delivery time normally 20days to 30days, therefore, prototype mould also called fast mould. Prototype mould price is very low comparing with production mould.

Sino mould is China top quality plastic mould maker, it can provide prototype service before customer decide to make production mould, Sino mould  keep on making effort to help customer get their ideal part! Sino mould owns China best tooling equipment , Our prototype mould application:
Automotive parts
Medical parts
Electronically parts
Industry parts
If you are looking for prototype mould, we are your best choice! Please feel free to contact us !

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