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Probe tests PCBs without using fixtures

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Aeroflex’s stand-alone Flying Probe System perform high-speed, high-accuracy fixtureless test using by combining the latest in flying probe hardware technology with innovative software.

Aeroflex has introduced its 4520 stand-alone Flying Probe System, which is a quick, easy and flexible system for avariety of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) testing needs Designed to perform high-speed, high-accuracy fixtureless test in a stand-alone platform, the Aeroflex 4520 offers users all the benefits of Aeroflex’s 4550 in-line Flying Probe System, at a lower entry cost .

The Aeroflex 4520 stand-alone system combines the latest in flying probe hardware technology with innovative software techniques.

The company said its quick program generation and flexible testing techniques would shorten time-to-market.

"Aeroflex is committed to moving our Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) line forward by continually introducing new products and new features to enhance capabilities, increase usability and add value for our customers," said Kevin Tomkins, ATE product manager, Aeroflex Test Solutions.

He continued: "The new Aeroflex 4520 stand-alone Flying Probe System meets the stringent requirements of today’s test market.

Customers can count on the continued evolution of the Aeroflex 4550 line to ensure it will meet tomorrow’s needs just as efficiently".

Aeroflex told manufacturingtalk that its 4520 system is ideally suited to reduce test costs per board in a low to medium-volume PCB manufacturing environment that does not require in-line test.

* About the Aeroflex 4500 Series Flying Probe – the Aeroflex 4500 Flying Probe Series is a highly flexible, fixtureless test environment that provides the level of throughput required in production on a ‘one-stop’ test platform, but flexible enough to make it ideal for prototype applications.

The Aeroflex 4500 Series comprises the Aeroflex 4550 in-line and the Aeroflex 4520 stand-alone test systems.

Both models offer fast and highly accurate probing, short program development times, together with advanced test techniques, such as device programming, boundary scan and functional test capability.

The Aeroflex 4500 Series features a ‘Soft Landing Option’ to minimise potential damage to the unit under test (UUT) caused by probing, which is especially important in ‘safety critical’ applications common in military, automotive and medical industries.

It works by allowing the probes to travel at normal speed in the Z-axis, but decelerate towards the end of their travel, avoiding potential damage to UUT.

The Partial Accessibility Option is another key feature of the Aeroflex 4500 Series.

It is an automatic process that allows components to be tested, even when some of the probes cannot access specific target points due to the test subject architecture.

This technique takes advantage of a further key development that enables accessibility to be maximised through the ability to automatically switch all test probe angles between 0 and 8 deg during program execution.

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