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POM plastic material injection technique

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Typical application: POM has very low friction coefficient and good geometric stability, particularly suitable for making gear and bearing. Because it also has high temperature resistance characteristic, therefore also used for pipe device mould (pipeline valve, pump shell), lawn equipment, etc.

Injection mould process conditions:
Drying process:
if materials stored in the dry environment, usually don’t need drying process. Melting temperature: homopolymer material for 190 ~ 230℃; Copolymer material for 190 ~ 210℃.
Mould temperature:80~95℃ In order to reduce after molding shrinkage can choose high mold temperature
Injection pressure:790~1200bar
Injection speed:middle or higher shot speed。
Runner and injection gate:Can use any type of gate. If you use tunnel gate, it is best to use short type. For homopolymer material suggest using hot nozzle port. For copolymer material can use internal hot runner can use external hot runner.
Chemical and physical properties: POM is a tough elastic material, even in low temperature still has very good creep properties, geometrical stability and impact resistance properties.
POM both homopolymer materials also have copolymer material. Homopolymer material has good tensile strength, fatigue strength, but not easy to processing. Copolymer material has good thermal stability, chemical stability and easy processing. No matter homopolymer materials and polymer materials, are crystalline materials and not easy to absorb moisture.
High crystallization degree of POM causes it has quite high shrinkage, high up to 2% ~ 3.5%. For different kinds of enhanced materials have different shrinkage.
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