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plasticmould|Airline Cup Mold Manufacture-Pasticmould

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Airline cup have high requirement on the surface. We are experienced in airline cup mold manufacture for more than 23 years. After long time research and developing on this kind molds. We had made conclusion for the requests.

Basically we need to choose suitable steel to make mold. This is the most important tip. Steel quality will effect on the mold life directly. It is not to say, no matter what mold, we must use the top quality steel. We had better to choose the suitable steel. For example PVC material molds must need use anti rust steel to avoid the surface rusted by PVC. And transparent product in PP plastic is better to choose DIN1.2738 steel to reach the highest polishing effect.

Let’s now talk about airline cup. Usually this airline cup is made up from transparent PS. While PS is hard material, we need to choose the steel with high hardness to avoid the surface scratched after long time production. We will use DIN1.2344 steel. DIN1.2344 steel need to be done heat treatment for the whole block. Then will make Nitrite for the surface to reach the surface hardness of HRC58.

We will share the other points in the future article. Wish you keep watching on our website.  Or you may contact me to know more about the airline cup mold manufacture tips if you have demand in this kind of molds.

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