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Plastic sanitary ware moulds

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Plastic sanitary ware moulds include shower moulds, toilets parts mould (with the water tank moulds), soap box moulds, cup tray moulds and so on.
China Mould has been exporting plastic moulds for 20 years, we have rich experience in making plastic sanitary moulds, and plastic sanitary molding service can be offered also.We offered all set of toilets moulds which include toilet cover moulds, water tanks moulds, and other assembly parts moulds for the world famous sanitary ware maker- TOTO, and offer shower moulds to one of the best sanitary ware maker in Brazil. During these year, we have accumulated a lot of moulds making skills and experience, we have been devoted ourselves to offer the high quality moulds with long term mold life and short cycle time, and helped customer solve all kinds of problems again and again.

Plastic sanitary ware moulds
If you want to find a qualified plastic sanitary ware moulds maker in China, China Mould is worthy of your investment. Welcome to contact us, when you want plastic sanitary ware moulds.

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