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Plastic Pipe Fitting mold manufacture China

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Sino PK is a branch company of SGH, is the plastic Pipe Fitting moulds maker China, specialized in designing and manufacturing various types of pipe fitting system injection moulds China.
Why the plastic pipe fitting is so famous ?
Because of it low cost and another special characteristic of fire resistance, and it don’t result in the dirty water with rust.The plastic molding pipe fitting is used widely in Building Industry , almost instead of the iron pipe fittings. Our company can make the professional plastic molding pipe fitting for you.
The Min.dia. of plastic pipe fitting mould from our company
Our company can make all sizes of pipe fitting moulds, and the Min.dia of Collapsible core is 32mm.
The other features of the plastic pipe fitting mould
We use the stavaxS420 tempered with HRC.48-52 to make cavity and core of the pipe fitting mould .
We use twice tooling to process the pipe fitting mould: rough tooling- tempered- precision tooling .
We can fulfill multi-direction by the collapsible core system to form the pipe fitting shape that the clients requested.
Plastic pipe fitting mould making service in our company
We provide ONE -STOP service on the plastic pipe fitting mould in China, if you want a pipe fitting mould, you just come to us ,we can design the mould ,test the mould then use the mould to produce your plastic pipe fittings.This service can cut down a lot of cost like sea freigt for the pipe fitting mould, the debugging and maintainance fee of the injection machine.
All you want to is to ship the plastic pipe fitting to your country.
We are the professional plastic pipe fitting mould maker China, selling all the pipe fitting moulds to meet the client’s requirements and adapt the trend of international pipe fitting mould market .

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