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plastic mould|crate mould-Pastic mould

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 As a world famous crate innovator and a professional crate manufacturer, Sino Holdings Group has made more than 2000 sets crate moulds in different sizes and designs. Normally, we have done the 4 cavities crate mould which is the first one in China. 


The introduction of Crate mould

Material: PP, HDPE

Type: coca-cola carte, beer crate, bread crate, fish crate, vegetable crate, milk bottle crate, egg crate, etc.

Runner system: the cold runner with big gate, hot runner with pin-point gate4point or 6point

Ejector way: hydro-cylinder with ejector plate, drag hook

Structural feature: slider interchangeable

Steel: DIN 1. 2344, DIN 1. 2738, 718H, P20

Cavities: 1, 2, 4

Life time: 500K

Cooling system: chiller around the slider

Delivery time: 60 days

Testing point: weight, production strength, overlay, burr and flash, welding line


Sino Mould has rich experience in making crate mould, and has perfect equipments in our factory. If you want to make crate mould or just want to buy crate, please come to Sino, here you can find what you like. In a word, Sino can meet your any requirement in crate mould or related project.


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