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Plastic Mould|Assembly table mold-Pastic Mould

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Assembly plastic table is becoming more and more popular in the market. It can be widely used in the outdoors activity. Sino Mould is a leading table mould manufacturer in China, which has rich experience in making assembly table mold.


As for the assembly table, it means one table top with four table legs. According to the different table design, it has table mats or plugs, so before you will use the table outside, the table legs can be dispatched to back of table. While you want to use it, you can assemble the table legs again. As the ground not always be flat, the table mats with screw can adjust the table height and keep it horizontally.


As the table has many parts should be assembled, it is very important that the table mould has high precision. Sino has many high precision tooling machines, such as FIDIA 3+2 High Speed CNC, DMG 5 axis high speed CNC, FIDIA high speed milling machine, Sodic wire cutting, Agie EDM, Mazak high speed Lathe machine, etc. We have 37 designer with rich experience, they can offer you the good mould design. What’s more, our company has project manage who will follow the whole project.


If you are looking for the assembly table mould maker, Sino is one of the best choice, we can offer you the line solution.


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