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Plastic Mold Maker China

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China can manufacture high quality plastic moulds China, is the professional plastic injection mold maker China, our plastic molding containers are designed with creative idea, made by high-end injection molding technology.
We can make all kinds of plastic injecting molds China, We make plastic injection molds for the articles of everyday use, for example, the plastic drawers mold China. We usually make the top cover of the plastic drawers mold China in 2 cavities with hot runner system, and we make the plastic injection drawer mould with 2 cavities and the frame mould with 2 cavities. For the legs or wheels sets, we make them in 8 cavities to 16 cavities, most of our plastic injection drawer molds China are delivered to Italy, France, Israel, we are one of the main injection drawer mould maker China and various other daily use mould supplier China in the worldwide.
China can manufacture high quality plastic drawers moulds in China, we do moldflow analysis for studying the condition of plastic drawer mould running. We designed the drawers by the software like Pro-E,UG,CATIA, We can provide our customers with thorough details in the design of plastic moulds, and we have the specialized QC team for the drawer mould design and  manufacture, offer you the most perfect injection drawer molding service , we have a superior sales team to communicate with the clients for every process of the drawer mould making.and inform the clients of the details of the drawers mold making and tryout.
If you want a plastic injection mold China or just know more about the plastic molding container , pls come to us, we can provide you the plastic mould with stable dimension, high quality and perfect drawer injection molding service China.

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