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Plastic injection molding pipe fitting mould

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  Plastic injection molding pipe fitting mould,one of our company specialty. We have ever made many kids of pipe fitting mould, such as 90°pipe fitting,45°pipe fitting, T pipe fitting and Y type, cross, coupling and so on.

We have different dimension pipe fitting mould from 32mm to 400mm. And as we know, our clients need to cost a lot to open a mould. we offer clients interchange pipe fitting mould. In this way, our clients can product different types pipe fitting mould by one mould. It can reduce many cost for our clients. Meanwhile, it is convenient for clients to produce different types pipe fitting.

But one thing we should pay attention when we make such mould, It is important to have daily maintainance. Such as checking and clearing the parting line, checking the cooling line, testing the cooling tightness and so on.

If you have any complex pipe fitting mould, our professional designer and engineer will offer you best solution for your pipe fitting mould and try our best to meet clients’ requirement. We, one of best known pipe fitting mould manufacture will provide you with best solution for pipe fitting solution.

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