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Plastic baby use mold supplier

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Nowadays, most family has only one child, so the plastic baby use products are in great demand on market. Sino Mould, the professional plastic baby use mold, plastic child use mold supplier in China, we are the manufacturer of OKBABY in Italy. We offer you high quality plastic baby use mould and best plastic baby use mould making service.



We are professional in producing various kinds of baby use mold. Such like plastic baby bathtub mold, plastic kids dream house mold, plastic baby toy mold, plastic kid chair, stool mold, etc.

Considering the plastic baby use products are used for baby. So the products must have no burrs and flash, avoid the products hearting the kids. As a professional plastic baby use mold supplier, we must keep the mould designed with good parting line, good fitting, precision pressure and temperature controlling system.


If you have any demand on plastic baby use mold, please come to Sino, we have the confidence to make you satisfied.


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