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Pipe Die Has Internal Air-Cooling

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The new Maxflexx pipe die from Inoex GmbH in Germany (U.S. office in Lancaster, Pa.) cools a pipe with internal air cooling. According to the patent application (U.S. 20080131542, June 5, 2008) there is at least one vortex chamber in the mandrel, which has a cooling-air outlet facing downstream. The air outlet leads into a cooling tube that extends through the inlet of the calibrator. This increases the cooling rate by up to 20%, Inoex says, allowing higher line speed or a shorter downstream cooling section. The Maxflexx internal-cooling die is also said to reduce sagging of large pipe. Inoex offers Maxflexx dies up to 200 mm diam. Maxflexx internal cooling will be presented for the first time in the U.S. at the Advances in Extrusion Conference hosted by Plastics Technology Dec. 9-10 in New Orleans and coordinated by Polymer Process Communications, Gillette, N.J. (717) 672-0870 • www.inoexmold.wiki (908) 604-4213 • ppceclipse.net
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