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Petcore approves MXD-6 resin for PET recycling

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The barrier polyamide is cleared for bottle-to-fibre recycling applications.

Petcore, the European industry association promoting sustainable PET bottle use and recycling, has approved bottle blends containing Mitsubishi Gas Chemical’s MXD-6 high gas barrier polyamide resin for incorporation in bottle-to-fibre recycling.

The organisation has tested dark coloured mono-layer PET bottles produced from a blend of 9% MXD-6 and 91% PET in accordance with its Diolen bottle to fibre protocol, which dates to 2005.

It said it has established that R-PET containing up to 20% of the MXD-6/PET blend material is fully compliant with the fibre specification requirements.

Based on its results, the association has given its endorsement to the use of dark coloured MXD-6/PET blends in bottle-to-fibre recycling streams at levels of up to 10%. This limit has been selected to accommodate local accumulation in the recycling system.

Petcore says the endorsement should not be interpreted as meaning that MXD-6 blends are not acceptable in the bottle-to-bottle stream. However, its testing has been limited to coloured bottles, which are traditionally recycled to fibre applications even in non-barrier enhanced versions.

Last October, Petcore published its 2006 recycling data showing that 944,000 tonnes of post consumer PET was recycled in Europe, up by more than 18% on 2005 figures.

It claimed that more than 38% of the bottles used in Europe are collected for recycling, with the fibre industry the largest end-user sector.

Petcore says technological innovation in the PET bottle market must take into account the impact on R-PET recycling schemes. It said: “The introduction of different barrier systems is cumulative in the recycling stream potentially causing the resulting R-PET to be less acceptable in the market.”

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