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Over moulding mould supplier

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over moulding solution over mould supplier in China two color mould bi-color injection machine mixed color injection machine

Over moulding mould(two shots moulding): two different plastic material maybe not in the same plastic injection machine to make injection. Over moulding moulds often use twice moulding. Pieces demoulded from the first mould and then put them into the second mould to make injection. Generally over moulding mould need two moulds to finish the mould injection while over moulding moulds needn’t use special bi-color injection machines.

China has more than 20 years in making this kinds of over moulding mould. Also China can provide you the whole line solution of the over moulding moulds.

If you have any new projects for over moulding moulds, pls do not hesitate to contact me.

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