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Objet’s UV-Based Printer Takes Tech Prize

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-08-30 Comments Off on Objet’s UV-Based Printer Takes Tech Prize

The latest technology from the 3D printing innovator Objet Geometries Ltd. has been recognized with the 2008 RadTech USA Emerging Technologies Award, which honours outstanding users of ultraviolet (UV) and electron-beam (EB) technologies. The breakthrough Connex500™ rapid prototyping system, launched last November, is the first system to enable users to manufacture three-dimensional parts from several different materials at once.

Objet joins such technology leaders as 3M, Armstrong, Breit Technologies, DVUV, Ford Motor Co., and General Motors as recipients of 2008 awards, which were presented in early May at the RadTech UV/EB Technology Expo & Conference in Chicago, an event dedicated to fostering educational, technical, and scientific advancement in the manufacture and use of UV- and EB-curable products.

“We are delighted with this recognition of our Connex500 system as one of the most significant UV/EB innovations of the past year,” said Adina Shorr, CEO of Objet Geometries. “This honour highlights our leadership position in the field of rapid prototyping, which has become a vital tool in product development and manufacturing processes among a diverse range of industries throughout the world.”

To give product developers the ability to print parts and assemblies made of several materials with different mechanical and physical properties in a single build process, the Connex500 system’s patented PolyJet Matrix™ technology jets materials in ultrathin layers and then immediately cures each layer with UV light. This process yields models that closely emulate the look, feel, and function of end products having a very wide variety of characteristics. In addition, the system lets users create composite materials that have predetermined combinations of mechanical properties.

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