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New Direct Gating for Hot Runners

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A drop-in hot-runner system for smaller molds and tips for direct gating were introduced at the K 2007 show in Dusseldorf by the German parent of Ewikon HotRunner Systems of America, East Dundee, Ill. The new L2X drop-in system comes completely assembled and wired. Users have a choice of two fully balanced manifold versions and nozzles with internal diameters from 4.5 to 12 mm and lengths up to 350 mm. The nozzles are designed for direct gating with torpedo-tip or open gating. Valve gates with cooled pneumatic pin drives are optional. Nozzle heaters are interchangeable without loosening the screw coupling between nozzle and manifold. The drop-in system fits into pre-machined cutouts in the mold, and no manifold height adjustment is necessary to preload the system. Ewikon also came out with its new HPS III-MHVario line of nozzles and tips for direct side gating with a heated torpedo tip that avoids cold slugs and improves gate quality. Retractable tips eliminate the need to split the mold insert, reducing cost. After the nozzle is installed with the tips fully retracted, an adjusting mechanism advances the tips to their final position at the gate. The tips can be further adjusted to change pitch diameter. The nozzles come with one to six tips and allow processing at up to 662 F. (847) 844-9351• www.ewikonusamold.wiki

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