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More Rugged Resins For Stereolithography

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Two new resins are touted as breakthroughs in stereolithography (SL) rapidprototyping and rapid-manufacturing materials in that they boast a much closer approximation of thermoplastic ruggedness and durability. Typical SL resins are more brittle than PP, ABS, PC, and nylon and often grow more brittle over time, making them unacceptable for direct manufacturing. Until now, other "rapid" technologies that utilize molten or sintered thermoplastics (such as selective laser sintering) have been chosen when part durability was critical, but with a sacrifice in part aesthetics or dimensional consistency as compared with SL. DMX-SL 100 (photo) from DSM Somos, Elgin, Ill., is based on new chemistry and is said to combine the accuracy of SL with the durability of sintered nylon. It boasts extremely high impact strength and resistance to breakage. With notched Izod impact strength up to 1.5 ft-lb/in., up to 20% elongation at break, and flexural modulus ranging from 305,000 to 335,000 psi, it has the stiffness and toughness of ABS. Tel: (847) 697-0400 . www.dsmsomosmold.wiki Accura Xtreme epoxy photopolymer from 3D Systems Corp., Rock Hill, S.C., is also designed for functional assemblies that demand durability. With elongation of up to 22%, moderate flexural modulus of 220,000 to 300,000 psi, and notched Izod impact of 0.66 to 0.98 ft-lb/in., it is said to mimic properties of ABS and PP. Lower viscosity and higher processing speeds than other SL materials are also claimed, resulting in fast part creation and quick cleaning and finishing with less waste.

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