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MoldMaking Expo to Co-Locate with NPE 2009

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The 2009 edition of Gardner Publications’ annual MoldMaking Expo (MME) will be co-located with the NPE 2009 international plastics exposition, Gardner and the Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. (SPI), which organizes the triennial NPE show, have announced. NPE 2009 will take place June 22–26, 2009, at Chicago’s McCormick Place. MoldMaking Expo 2009 will be the 10th edition of the MME show.

The agreement comes two months after the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) announced that it will co-locate the 2009 edition of its annual ANTEC™ conference at NPE 2009. ANTEC is the world’s largest plastics technical conference.

“The co-location of these three premier events, each a leader in its class, will create an international plastics convocation unprecedented in breadth and technological richness,” says Gene Sanders, SPI’s vice president of trade shows. “We anticipate a combined total of well over 2,000 exhibitors and close to a thousand conferences sessions, seminars, and other educational offerings.”

MME is the only event devoted exclusively to technologies and strategies in mould making and rapid manufacturing, explains Richard G. Kline, president of Gardner Publications. The event includes a trade show with about 130 exhibitors and a conference with two days of technical presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and keynote speakers. Typically, there are more than 2,500 registered participants.

“Our co-location with NPE 2009 and ANTEC 2009 will provide the mould makers, moulders, and OEMs who attend MME with a unique opportunity for one-stop shopping that includes resins, equipment, and related technologies, as well as the essential toolmaking products and services that are the hallmark of MME,” says Kline. “In turn, NPE and ANTEC participants will discover exhibits and educational programmes of direct interest to any professional who designs, builds, specifies, or uses plastics moulds.”

The MME exhibits and conference will be located in the new McCormick West Building, which will also be the venue for the entire ANTEC conference and many NPE 2009 exhibits. The MME and ANTEC conferences will be stand-alone events requiring separate registration and payment. While entrance to the MME exhibits will be separate, MME badge holders will automatically have access to NPE 2009.

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