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Mold-Masters Ranked High in Innovation

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-02-05 Comments Off on Mold-Masters Ranked High in Innovation

The Patent Board, a highly regarded industrial review board that has rated companies on innovation since 1968, has put the hot runner supplier mold-Masters in the number 60 slot of its latest quarterly ranking, above such companies known for their innovative products and services as Xerox, Kodak, Samsung, GE, and 3M. The rankings are divided into subgroups as well. In the industrial components section of the rankings, Mold-Masters comes in at number 3.

“Innovation has been a core competency of Mold-Masters since Jobst Gellert founded the company in 1963,” says Jonathon Fischer, the company president. “It is nice to get recognized as an innovator at a global level, because it reinforces our belief that innovation will propel our business forward.” The combination of Mold-Masters’ innovative culture with the business acumen of its new partner 3i generates corporate excitement about the future, according to Fischer.

Holding more than 1,600 patents, and with over 70% of its current products covered by patents, Mold-Masters claims injection moulding industry leadership in this area. Only one other company in the industry merits inclusion in the global list of top 500 patent holders.

Mold-Masters has designed its K show presentation around the theme of innovation. The company will be displaying such recent developments as an electric valve gate, a modular hot runner for automotive applications, a precision cylindrical valve gate, and new life-cycle care services.

Further, an invitation-only R&D lab situated right in the booth will show customers some of Mold-Masters’ latest innovations now being worked on. The feedback from invitees given this peek may help to steer the company’s development efforts in the direction most likely to result in its customers’ and its own future success.

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