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Mid-May Matsuura Open House in UK

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The UK branch of Matsuura will hold its first open house of 2008 on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of May at its Leicestershire headquarters. At this event, three new Matsuura multipallet machine tools will be shown for the first time in the UK. In fact, the main theme of the open house will be “Multipallet Unmanned Production,” reflecting the growing demand in the country for lights-out manufacturing technology that has been proven to be cost-effective.

The show in Coalville will be the UK market’s first opportunity to see the Matsuura Cublex-25 mill/turn multitasking machine configured with 10 pallets. Also new to the UK will be the Matsuura MAM72-42V five-pallet 5-axis machine and the all-new Matsuura H.Plus-300 horizontal machining centre, the latter featuring a space-saving vertically oriented automatic pallet changer containing 15 300 x 300-mm pallets. Other machines also will be on display and engaged in live cutting demonstrations.

Matsuura UK is a market leader for fully automated unattended one-hit production technology, including CNC solutions. The company is encouraging UK manufacturers aiming to compete with low-cost overseas firms to attend the open house, promising that they will be shown a “profitable way forward” in the global manufacturing marketplace.

At the open house, Matsuura will present three 15-minute seminars each day in its new conference area. The seminars will address the topics of multipallet unattended production, 5-axis multipallet unattended production, and TPS Outlook software. The focus of the last of these is the maximization of a machine’s availability via tool and pallet management and scheduling.

Product and process specialists from Matsuura will be available to discuss specific production applications and explain how the company can help optimize a customer’s process efficiency, increase its competitive advantage, and maximize profitability through unattended multipallet machining with a single machine tool or an integrated cell.

Refreshments, including breakfast and lunch, will be provided, and special gifts and prizes will be awarded. An event highlight will be Race Track Days with the Matsuura Alfa 156 team.

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