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Metris, API in Joint Distributor Agreement

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Metris and Automated Precision Inc. (API) have formed a joint distribution partnership following an agreement earlier this summer. API will become a nonexclusive distributor of Metris MCA articulated measuring arms and ModelMaker D/C handheld laser scanners. At the same time, Metris will become a nonexclusive distributor of API’s Tracker3 laser tracker.

Philippe Vandormael, chief operating officer of Metris, expresses his company’s pleasure with the distribution agreement. “It complements our unique product offering for large-scale metrology applications,” he says. “Metris will integrate API trackers in its IS&T [Integration Services and Technology] solutions. I am convinced this partnership will enhance both companies’ solutions and produce an immediate benefit for both.”

Jeffrey K. Okamitsu, vice president for business development with API, sees the agreement as a strategic win for his company and for Metris.

“The agreement will enable both companies to expand their product offerings and still maintain a focus on their core products, technologies, and markets,” Okamitsu explains. “API, in particular, sees the opportunity to develop more comprehensive and complete solutions for its customers.”

The US-based global company Automated Precision Inc. develops and produces metrology products to support high-accuracy coordinate measuring and machine tool operations. Metris designs and develops a range of 3D hardware and software inspection systems for industrial customers in design and manufacturing.

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