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Mec-Spe 2008 Highlight: 16 Working Areas

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From the 3rd through the 5th of April at the Parma Fairgrounds, the six specialized fairs of Mec-Spe 2008, the international exhibition of skilled mechanics, will not only be the place in Italy where providers and users of industrial equipment and services for manufacturing meet. The co-located fairs—Mec-Spe, Eurostampi, Subfornitura, Control Italy, Motek Italy, and PlastixExpo—will also be a theatre of sorts, offering live demonstrations throughout the complex.

Senaf S.r.l., the event organizer, again has set up the exhibition so that companies in the various fields that constitute the manufacturing industry will inhabit themed areas that will be prepared inside the several Mec-Spe pavilions. In addition, this edition will feature 16 so-called working areas to showcase the production process from raw materials to finished product.

Mec-Spe visitors (and members of exhibitors’ staffs) will have the chance to see working machines in actual productive operation. They can observe partner companies working in teams as they carry out project steps from product design through final creation, just as companies cooperate in the real world strategically in order to achieve high-quality results and hold on to competitive advantage.

The live demonstrations should offer the educational benefits of showing how problems that that can arise during the production process might be solved and revealing the versatility of certain technologies that might have application in various types of production environments and thus meet a variety of needs, including some of which the observer may not have previously been aware.

“That’s why the working areas are so important,” says Maruska Sabato, Senaf’s project manager for the event, “to show how cooperation among different companies with related skills can ensure better results. To be competitive, it is very important to know the different steps of the full industrial process, the production methods that are used, and what new technologies are available, in order to optimize costs and reduce production time generally.”

Besides “From the Project to the Object” at Eurostampi, the eighth edition of this popular demonstration with guided tours, which this year features production of a Pino Spagnolo–designed bottle opener for removing metal caps from beverage containers, the working areas include a wide variety of mechanical and plastics-processing operations. Among them will be the milling of an automotive gear component, the milling of a mould for ski boots, operations involving minimal lubrication, bi-mandrel turning projects, continuous 5-axis machining, the milling and EDMing of a coin-casting die, and a demonstration of laser cutting, drilling, and welding to produce a shower component.

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