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All projects involve the use of materials whether they are electronic components or resistant materials OR a combination of both. The information on the following sheets is useful as a reference only. You should never copy large ‘chunks’ of text straight into your projects. You should emphasise the materials you think will be useful for your project and all information must be in your own words.

One of the best ways to collect research on materials is to carry out tests / experiments that will reflect their use in your project. Remember to add notes explaining your findings and even add drawings which represent the tests.

For example, if your know that the materials required for your project will need to be hardwearing, devise a test and try out several possible materials. You could ‘file’ a range of materials and mark / grade each of then according to their resistance.
You could devise tests for ‘waterproof’ properties – ‘impact resistance’ – ‘flexibility’ – ‘rigidity’ – and many more.

The rich picture below shows the wide range of facts and issues relating to materials research that need to be considered when designing a product. This type of presentation could be the first page of materials research for your design project. It clearly shows that you have an understanding of facts and issues relating to materials.


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