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Maintenance management software updated

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-09-15 Comments Off on Maintenance management software updated

Maintenance Connection releases version 3.5 of Facility Maintenance and Asset Management Software with a powerful feature enabling users view their KPI values over time.

Maintenance Connection has released Version 3.5 of its Web-based CMMS product All customers hosting the software in the Maintenance Connection data center have been automatically upgraded

The following outline some of the notable feature enhancements.

* Application Menu – the application menu has been re-designed with new buttons that follow the Windows VistaTM look and feel.

* Dashboard – there is a new CLONE feature using a button located in the toolbar.

This will allow users to easily create new KPIs using existing KPIs that have been previously created.

Users can simply specific the KPI to clone, a new name, and the group it should go in.

The KPI Trend is a powerful new feature where users view their KPI values over time.

Simply mark the KPIs where trending is desired and the KPIs will automatically be run in the background with the values saved periodically.

* Menu Manager – the Menu Manager allows system administrators to create specialized menus for different users/access groups.

* Tab Manager – the Tab Manager allows users to change tab icons, names, and order.

In addition, tabs that are not needed can be removed from the system so they do not show up in the modules.

* Part Checkout – the Part Checkout is available via a preference setting which will add a button to the Inventory Module WorkCenter.

Users can select a Stock Room, quantity, account, labor, department, and asset and easily create transaction records for issued parts.

* Asset Groups (Projects) – users can define a group (Project) of Assets and then use these groups on Work Orders or PMs.

* User Guide HTML Help – User Guide HTML Help has been added to the Help Menu.

The User Guide HTML Help features an easy to use Table of Contents, Index, and Search.

* Tools Menu – the Tools Menu has been modified to move System Management type functions into a separate sub-menu.

This provides the user easier access to System Management functionality while decreasing the number of options in the Tools Menu.

* GIS Synch – automatically synchronises all GeoDatabase attributes as Asset Specifications with a click of a checkbox.

* GIS Manager – ability to have finer control of layer labels.

* About Maintenance Connection – Maintenance Connection is a rapidly growing company leading the way in maintenance management using pure Internet technology.

They deliver a full-featured web-based maintenance management (or CMMS) solution including Work Order Tracking, Preventive Maintenance/PM Software, Asset Management, Inventory Tracking, Procedure Library, Labor Scheduling, and Service Requests all available through the Internet using a web browser.

Maintenance Connection offers a unique and intuitive user interface built on a robust database infrastructure, all at a highly competitive price point.

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