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Lenovo to Use Abaqus at Design Centre

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-09-08 Comments Off on Lenovo to Use Abaqus at Design Centre

The 3D and product lifecycle management (PLM) software provider Dassault Systems has announced that Lenovo, a major computer manufacturer, will deploy Abaqus unified finite element analysis (FEA) software from Simulia, a brand division of Dassault, at its award-winning new Innovation Design Centre (IDC). The IDC will use to Abaqus evaluate product performance during the development of Lenovo’s PC and portable electronic products.

“Reliability and quality are major challenges for information technology and personal electronic products,” says Zhifeng Xin, the manager of Lenovo IDC. “We are using Abaqus to perform design analysis on all of our products, including personal computers, notebooks, cell phones, and servers. By partnering with Simulia to establish our new simulation centre, we will deploy efficient analysis methods to accelerate the development of high-quality, market-winning products.”

Adds KC Jen, Simulia general manager for the Asia Pacific region, “At Simulia, our goal is to work closely with our customers to help them make better, more-reliable products in less time. We are extremely pleased that Lenovo has chosen Simulia’s technology for their Innovation Design Centre. Our realistic simulation solutions are playing an increasingly important role in the fast-paced and innovative electronics industry.”

Lenovo uses Abaqus during the design process to simulate dynamic impact, heat transfer, vibration, fatigue, and other real-world performance characteristics of their products. The virtual tests help to determine whether a product will meet performance requirements and identify necessary design changes.

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