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JIER shows advanced CNC machine

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DDC Servo Press and heavy-duty Computer Numerical Controlling (CNC) machines, produced by JIER Machine-tool Group Co, were shown to more than 300 major users from automobile, aerospace, and metallurgyand experts from the National Development and Reform Commission and the machine-tool field on today.


The first 1000t heavy-duty Servo Press in China on show

DDC press is by now the most advanced stamping technology in the world. The press combines two presses in one— dual mode, for Standard Mechanical Press or Servo Press.


As one of the five largest producers of stamping machines in China, JIER has transferred from "importing technology" to "developing independently".


Stamping lines equipped with heavy-duty CNC technologies, such as press automation for automotive industry and heavy cutting double gantry mechanical 5-axis milling machines are independently developed by JIER.


Stamping lines independently developed by JIER have been exported to America, England and Germany in Europe, Canada and Mexico in North America, Thailand,and Indonesiain the East Asia.


JIER CNC stamping lines are adopted by General Motors, Benz and other Multinational corporations.

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