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JetCAM, InspecVision to Collaborate

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-09-24 Comments Off on JetCAM, InspecVision to Collaborate

The CAD/CAM software developer JetCAM International and the photogrammetry measuring system manufacturer InspecVision Ltd. have announced that they will collaborate on the technical and commercial levels to provide enhanced integration between their products.

Companies looking to reverse-engineer components will benefit from being able to scan a previously manufactured part and generate NC code for a nest of those components within seconds. Once parts are manufactured, they can be scanned and compared with the original electronic file for accuracy.

InspecVision users can take advantage of JetCAM’s Single Component Automatic Processing facility, which allows the InspecVision system to provide the JetCAM Expert CAD/CAM software programme with a CAD file produced from a scan of a component, which is then automatically tooled, nested, sequenced, and generated as NC code for a specified machine. The process is completely automated. CAD files can be automatically tooled or profiled for any cnc machine tool configured within the JetCAM Expert system.

“Partnering with JetCAM provides our customers with a seamless link at both ends of the production process,” says Jan Antonis, managing director of InspecVision. “Our users can benefit from JetCAM’s broad support of machine tools and cutting technologies, and the automation of all of the processes between initial part scanning and inspection of the finished part.”

Mike Weber, JetCAM International’s managing director, adds that partnering with InspecVision provides JetCAM’s customers with the physical hardware interface they need to import real-world part information. “We are always looking at ways, both inside and outside of our own product range, where we can provide our users with a competitive edge through innovative use of new and advanced technologies,” he explains.

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