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JETCAM, HPm announce partnership

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-03-16 Comments Off on JETCAM, HPm announce partnership

JETCAM Intl., Monaco, a producer of CAD/CAM software, and HPm Italy, Cavriglia, Italy, a manufacturer of plasma cutting systems and hydraulic press brakes, announced a partnership to offer HPm plasma sheet cutting machines with JETCAM Expert CAD/CAM and nesting software.

The latest version of Expert includes support for HPm’s 3-D bevel-cutting facility, controlling the head through an unlimited rotation and tilting angle up to 45 degrees. The software provides a 2-D CAD/CAM and nesting system that includes automatic tool path generation, nesting optimization, and multiple levels of automatic and interactive nesting capability. It generates profile path files optimized to cut as many parts as possible from one or more sheets of material. Metal Concept Srl, a distributor for JETCAM software, provides local support.

For more information, visit the Jetcam Intl. showroom.

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