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Japanese Graphite Supplier Opens

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-07-24 Comments Off on Japanese Graphite Supplier Opens

Ibiden, a major producer of isostatic graphites for electrical discharge machining (EDM) headquartered in Japan, has set up a commercial channel for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The European distributor, called Gustav Blome, is situated in Mühlacker, Germany, in the middle of an important EDM region. From now on, this facility will deliver to regional customers both EDM graphite blocks cut to size and prepared blanks with client-specific details.

The Ibiden range of graphites comprises coarse grades for roughing as well as highly homogeneous premium grades that allow the highest levels of detailing while, at the same time, offering very low wear ratios and producing fine surface finishes. In many applications, the erosion performance of a graphite can be improved by optimizing the parameters of the EDM machine. Gustav Blome, in cooperation with Ibiden, is providing clients with support in this area free of charge.

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