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Interchangeable Crate Mould Maker China

Posted by: chinaeye 2021-04-07 Comments Off on Interchangeable Crate Mould Maker China

Is there any good Chinese interchangeable crate mould supplier?Do you want to custom a high cost-effective crate mould? Now many customers are interested in Chinese interchangeable crate mold making, because they can reduce the investment of the mould making but to get various crate versions.Thus now many crate sellers are looking for good interchangeable crate mould maker.

Sinomould has made one interchangeable crate mould for one European company which is one of the biggest material handling companies in the world, with only one mould, the customer can get 12 versions of crate by interchanging cavity inserts, core inserts, slides etc. The crate is designed to be used for fruit, vegetable, and meat and so on. If you are looking for a good interchangeable crate mould maker and Chinese interchangeable crate molds manufacturer,please contact Miss Alice at [email protected]

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