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injection molding

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Injection molding is a versatile process for forming thermoplastic and thermoset materials into molded products of intricate shapes, at high production rates and with good dimensional accuracy. The process involves the injection, under high pressure, of a metered quantity of heated and plasticized material into a relatively cool mold–in which the plastic material solidifies. Resin pellets are fed through a heated screw and barrel under high pressure. The liquefied material moves through a runner system and into the mold. The cavity of the mold determines the external shape of the product while the core shapes the interior. When the material enters the chilled cavities, it starts to re-plasticize and return to a solid state and the configuration of the finished part. The machine then ejects the finished parts or products.

Specific Injection Molding Processes


  • Air Injection Molding
  • Insert Injection Molding
  • Outsert Injection Molding
  • Push-Pull Injection Molding
  • Sandwich Injection Molding

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