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Incoe′s new Shanghai plant now in full production

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Incoe´s new Shanghai plant now in full production
By Katherine Peavy

 a recent interview with Incoe VP John Blundy about this China expansion

SHANGHAI (April 17, 2007) — Hot-runner producer Incoe Corp. of Troy, Michigan, opened its third largest manufacturing facility globally, in Shanghai, around the turn of the year, and the site is now fully operational. The plant will support double-digit sales growth in China for the company.

“Over the past couple of years, [our] sales have doubled every year,” said Incoe’s Asia Pacific Business Manager Bob Meng.

Incoe Hotrunners (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., located in Shanghai’s Nanhui District, includes a 2,300-square-meter production facility. The plant has about 25 workers now, but Meng said that will increase to about 50 at full production.

With the increase in injection molding in China, hot-runner demand has grown. Incoe started the facility with a view to being closer to its customers in China. The company has a manufacturing facility in Singapore that serves the ASEAN region.

Prior to opening the Shanghai manufacturing facility, Incoe maintained three sales offices in China: in Hong Kong; Dongguan, Guandong province; and Shanghai.

Privately owned Incoe celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006. The company has technical support, sales and manufacturing facilities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

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