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Heise industries to build blow mold factory in Vietnam

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Heise Industries to build blow mold factory in Vietnam
By Bill Bregar
BINH, VIETNAM (February 6, 2007) — Connecticut-based Heise Industries Inc., one of the largest makers of molds for blow molding, is building a factory in Vietnam to serve Asia, and export some molds to the company’s U.S. customers.

Officials held a ground-breaking ceremony February 5 at the site in My Phuoc Idustrial Park, located in Binh Duong province, about an hour’s drive northwest of Ho Chi Minh City.

President Tad Heise said production should begin at the 1,160-square-meter plant in June. About 15 people will work at the operation, called Heise Industries (Vietnam) Co. Ltd.

At its Berlin, Connecticut, headquarters, Heise Industries specializes in molds for high-cavitation extrusion blow molding processes, such as long-stroke machines and wheel machines, he said. The plant in Vietnam will manufacture smaller-cavitation molds, and molds for specialized, proprietary blow molding machines.

Initially, Heise Industries (Vietnam) will focus on molds for shuttle machines, for U.S. customers. Over time, Heise Industries (Vietnam) will expand into molds for all blow molding segments, worldwide.

Heise’s U.S. headquarters will supply all design and engineering to the Vietnam plant, and will maintain molds made in Vietnam.

In a telephone interview, Tad Heise said he also researched China as a plant location. He said labor costs in Vietnam are lower than China, and the country also has a good supply of skilled workers. A local trade school will provide training to Heise Industries (Vietnam) workers.

Vietnam also offered a more-open attitude toward 100 percent foreign ownership, he said.

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