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IML system mould

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IML (in mould label)system mould is different from the traditional straight screen pringting,heat shrinkage label,the non-drying label of the new tag packaging .There are large application in China.

IML is mainly used in PP,PE,PET moulding materials injection and blow molding products. The printed  label was putted in the cavity of injection before the injection,when clamping to be injected,after in mould high temperature and high pressure,make the special mucilage glue melted,with injection molded parts surface melting as one,when open the mould,a printed part completion at once.
1. Enhance the security of the product directly function, can meet high standards of the enterprise brand protection needs.
2. Mould label printing and elegant, can do laser, aluminizing and special effects, make the product packing grade is greatly increased.
3. The novel form is beautiful, not easy to fall off damaged, waterproof, prevent oil, mould proof
4. Enhance the health, safety of packaging products, put an end to second printing and label the environment pollution.
5. The comprehensive cost significantly less than traditional labels and direct screen printing and environmental protection.
But IML system mould production need professional injection molding machine.
If you ‘re interested with it,pls contact me.

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