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IMF symposium deals with surface preparation

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The Institute of Metal Finishing (IMF) will be running a one-day symposium titled ‘Surface Preparation and Pre-treatment prior to Surface Finishing’.

The symposium will take place on 14 October 2008 from 10am at the Birmingham Medical Institute, Harborne Road, Edgbaston The event aims to help attendees achieve the best results from surface preparation and finishing processes.

Topics to be discussed include: lean, clean and green manufacturing; a sustainable alternative to iron phosphate; continued use of trichloroethylene – meeting legislation without compromising quality; novel replacements for chromic acid anodising in bonded structures; enhancing surface properties with plasma cleaning and etching; ceramic filtration – membrane separation techniques for the optimisation of cleaning systems; hot and cold cleaning methods – carbon dioxide cryoblasting and laser ablation and novel conversion coating technology offering environmental, operational and energy-saving benefits.

Companies also have the opportunity to showcase their business by taking a ‘table-top’ exhibition space at the event.

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