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How to get a perfect crate mould

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For crate moulds are very common product, we exported more than 100sets of these moulds all over the world per year.

There are two kinds of cratesone is open versionunsealed),the other is close versionsealed.If you want to get two kinds crateswe could design mold with interchangeable inserts between sealed and unsealedincluding the bottom side. For unsealed cratethe size of hole will according to the function of crate.
We could supply you with injection easy and fast cycle crates mould
1.    Suitable thicknesslight will reduce materialheavy is not good for cooling
2.    Hot runnercommon crate 4tips hot runnerfor bigger one need added to 6tips,otherwise Gas trapped will be appeared. Crate mould with hot runner save labourreduce injection pressure.
3.    Steel material2738,718H 1millionnitriding
2344 3million Quenching vacuum
4.    Air venting systemA.Between slidersB.Between slider and moduleC.The width of air venting slot 0.02mm
5.    Ejection wayTake off directlyInclined top.
6.    Cooling systemAs close as possible to near molding facegenerally below the surface 15mm positionadd the inlet &output water runnerwill shorten the cycle time in 30s.Shorten the cycle timeSet beryllium copper on the sprue and surface.
7.    Sample inspecta. Stackingb. Weight ; c. strength; Surface finish.

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