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How can we use injection moulds correctly

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Injection mould is the key appliance in plastic molding, what’s the proper operation of injection moulds? How to prolong plastic mold life? China MOULD, injection moulds supply china gives you suggestions of best usage of plastic injection moulds.

1. Check the mould parts without any inpurity before injecting.
Use cotton yarn to clean up sticky material and copper scraper to deal with firm sticky ones.

2. Clamping force should not be too high. Usually it is subject to without flash in the actually injecting.

3. Do not use metal appliances to hammer any part of mould, to prevent mould deformation and lower product quality.

4. Ensure good lubrication of mould moving parts.

5. Unlade the mould if not used,  cover it with anti-rust oil and packed, then place it to safty place.


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