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Hot Sprue Bushings For Single Cavities

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A new line of externally heated hot sprue bushings and tips made for direct part gating in single cavities comes from DM-E Co., Madison Heights, Mich. The Polimax line comes from a partnership with Polimold S.A. of Brazil. It features standard and wear-resistant tips in three styles, including a sprue gate design that provides low flow resistance, a ring gate style with a sealed tip for efficient shutoff at the part surface, and a point gate design suitable for high-viscosity resins. Polimax supplements D-M-E’s Gate Mate nozzles for direct gating, which offer only one tip style and are aimed only at commodity materials. The bushings come in lengths up to 185 mm, flow channels from 8 to 12 mm diam., and with four locating-ring options. The line includes 15 standard bushings for commodity materials and 15 high-performance bushings with head heater for engineering materials. (248) 398-6000 • www.dme.net

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