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Hot-Runner Nozzle Upgrades

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Value Shot hot-runner nozzles for multicavity applications from Hasco America Inc., Arden, N.C., have been redesigned and upgraded. The Value Shot Z202 line now has 28 different sizes with lengths up to 250 mm and smaller locating shoulder diameters that allow cavity pitch distances as small as 25 mm. They have larger flow channels than the previous Z201 series but compatible mounting dimensions. They also have new sealing caps made of flexible, heat-resistant MurSeal plastic. Removal of the cavity plate allows easy access to front-mounted heaters, thermocouples, and tips. The new design is also said to speed color changes. Hasco’s standard copper-cobalt-beryllium (CuCoBe) tip and nozzle body for direct gating or gating onto sub-runners have been modified to minimize gate vestige in packaging applications. Hasco also added new CuCoBe open tips for optical parts. These are designed to minimize pressure losses, avoid split melt flows, and provide low-shear filling. Hasco also added new open tips of molybdenum alloy suitable for processing filled compounds or engineering plastics. The tips reportedly provide outstanding thermal conductivity in the gate, as well as wear resistance. A new valve-pin drive unit has been developed for use with the molybdenum tips. (828) 650-2600 • www.hascomold.wiki

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