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Hot-Runner Mold Inserts Offer Cooling Enhancement

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Improved cavity filling and cooling are the aims of a new line of inserts for hot runners that are made by “selected laser melting” (SLM) of H-13 steel powders. Developed by HRSFlow HotRunner Technology in Italy (represented here by HRS Hot Runner System NA Inc., Windsor, Ont.), the SLM inserts are built up in thin layers of metal powder, so they can incorporate conformal cooling channels to achieve more uniform temperature distribution. The SLM process reportedly yields a 99.5% dense insert with a hardness of 35 to 54 Rc and mechanical properties nearly identical to forged steel. Users can order the SLM insert in a hybrid style where the insert is built up on a forged base. SLM inserts are warranted for life against fatigue and can be used anywhere in the tool, even near a gate. Conformal cooling channels can be positioned as close as 0.5 mm to the cavity surface. SLM inserts with conformal cooling are said to guard against stringing, reduce stresses in parts, produce unblemished part surface, and shorten cycle time. (519) 973-0212 • www.hrsflowmold.wiki
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